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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Drawings to be Immortalized in Rubber!

Good morning! I planned to post today with WOWW and be part of the fun - BUT - this will have to begin next week! I have some exciting news to share. I have two illustrations to be forever immortalized in rubber at Viva Las VegaStamps! This is so amazing to me because these will be for creatives to have and love. Pen and ink drawing is something I haven't done in quite some time and this opportunity has renewed my interest of drawing in pen and ink again. My old set of radiograph pens are delighted to see the light of day again.

I am a graphic artist specializing in the printing industry... and many moons ago one of my first jobs was as an illustrator. I worked there for about three years, and in that time I created thousands of images. I'm sure some are adorning walls in many homes as these were for the company "Historical Research Center". This company has kiosks in malls and places of destination, selling handmade heraldic items, family name histories and coat-of-arms printed on site. It was an amazing adventure working there, and every day was a learning experience. Heraldry takes you back in history and marks generations. Each family surname has a written description, with each color, pattern and image {called charges} on the coat-of-arms having meaning.

The first two drawings that will become stamps are a "PoliceBox" and "Dandelion" which are highlighted on the plates below.

 These are now available for pre-order

I'm so thrilled for this new "extension" of my creative talents and thanks for letting me share this with you. I can't wait to see what is created with these. Hope you have a fabulous day! 
Sb :)


  1. ooohhh congrats! How exciting!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's such great news. And I LOVE the images. So fun. Especially the boy with the cape! I wish you all the best with this newest project. -US DT ♥

  3. Congrats on your exciting news! Your drawings are fabulous!


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