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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ALTER EGO Tops my Nails Pretty... #ICAD2014
Day 6 - Nail Polish

The ICAD prompt for day 6 is "NAIL POLISH" - well there is only one way to tackle this challenge. Go grab the nail caddy and go to town painting with my stash-o-nail-polish. These are all my bottles - a nice assortment of neutrals, reds and of course... PURPLE!

I traced around the shape of one bottle that was completely dried up with red, white and blue glitter and stars in it using an eyeliner pencil that was in the bin. To preserve the drawing from smudging, I covered the pencil with a sheer nail polish.

Then I continued building up layers of color to build up dimension and depth.


With the bottle complete, I fill in the card with solid geometric shapes - no rhyme or reason. One block for each color that remained after painting the bottle.

I added some graphic "POP" by drawing in white lines using my big white Faber-Castell PITT marker. I was really surprised that it wrote on top of all this nail polish {did take a couple layers to make it opaque though}. I also used a black brush PITT pen to outline the bottle. I really love the graphic feel of this. On the back of the index card I wrote the names of all of the colors on the bottles – the names are pretty fun also. My favorite title of a red color is "I'm NOT Really a Waitress"... this totally cracks me up! :) Sb

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You can play along too - visit ICAD for all the details!

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  1. Very cool! My girls are really into nail art so we have a ton of colors to choose from. I might have to sneak into their stash!


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