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Monday, June 2, 2014

WASHI makes a #Cre8time Prism for #ICAD2014

Day 1 prompt is Prism. Since I'm already a day behind because I was out-of-town on a creative field trip over the weekend, I could NOT leave the house for work before completing my card. I can do today's tonight after work and a nap.

So I grabbed my newly organized and beautiful collection of washi and began creating a rainbow of washi on my index card. I finished off the edges with a black and white geometric pattern that resembled a prism and overlaid a rainbow glittery tape with a grey polka dot washi and a ruler. Something quick and easy - but an exercise in color balance and pattern.

My completed card for ICAD 2014 Day No. 1 - PRISM

Event the backside is pretty interesting where the washi tape is folded over the edges. I'm looking forward to catching up on the day 2 prompt later tonight. :) Sb

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You can play along too - visit ICAD for all the details!

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