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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Everything is Royal in PAISLEY for #ICAD2014 Day 12

For the day 12 prompt I knew I had to use these unmounted paisley stamps from Viva Las VegaStamps! For this card I wanted to play around with some embossing powder.

Since I made a clock out of my glitter tray {it was never used anyway} – I grabbed my baggie full of embossing powders with paper plate pouring trays. In there I have these two handmade stamps I had created carved from recycled foam vegetable trays and they go nicely with the paisley stamps.

I started by selecting one of my painted cards leftover from day 5 "galaxy".


Using Globecraft and Piccolo Enamel and Embossing Powder Adhesive {which comes in a nice dauber top bottle} I applied the clear "INK" to the stamps and pressed onto my background. If you be careful about where you are placing the images and your fingers, you can stamp then apply embossing powder, then continue stamping and powdering until the background is filled – then at the end heat set the embossing powder in one fell swoop. This is what I try to do so the embossing powder doesn't get overcooked in areas.


Due to my messy way of storing my embossing powders my white and gold had each spilled out and got mixed up in the protective baggie I had them in. There was more than enough to use for a project and this is the perfect project to not let that crafty goodness go to waste. It looked like the perfect combination of salt and pepper.


I stamped the larger handmade flourishes first, then filled in with the smaller stamps. When filled I added a few hand doodled details using a Versamark marker {this is the clear ink in a pen form}. I like the results of this but the lines came out a lot thicker than I really wanted. I have a fine line detail applicator that I'm going to fill with some of the embossing liquid and give this a try again on another project. To fill in a couple leftover areas I used my tiny arrow recycle heart from Viva Las VegaStamps!; one of four stamps I've illustrated that have been immortalized in rubber at VLVS!

Here's a detail of the magic happening... on left the raw embossing powder and on the right – all it's melted golden glory! The white bits add a nice texture to the gold, but really is lost into the gold. I love those happy accidents!

I totally love how this one came out... paisley and all.
It's so regal with the purple and gold! :) Sb

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Paper Woven Horses... #ICAD2014 Day No. 19 - Orange

Hello friends! I'm playing a little catchup with some of my cards. I had some other creative projects that I needed to work on that took up my daily creative time {and I have been taking some creative time daily}. I have been really inspired by everyone's One-Staple Collages so I started out with this card for the day 19 prompt "ORANGE" to try one.

I have all sorts of bits of this and that saved for collage and cardmaking, some of which being these orange patterned paper scraps {I think are from QuickQuotes}. I had plenty of them to make a woven paper background, but due to the small footprint of my index card, it was a little flimsy... so I needed something to hold my woven paper strip background together so I used some orange patterned washi tape to tack the loose edges down.

Then I pulled out some more orange things in the scrap bag: some off-cut pieces of American Crafts Ribbon; a bread bag tag; tie and tag from dry cleaning; fluorescent orange mini envelope; more washi tape; foil seal from a San Pellegrino Orange Seltzer; and the feature – a horse torn from a notepad at work. All tacked down with a few mini glue dots. Pretty close to one staple... I will try again!  :) Sb

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Say CHEESE!!! #ICAD2014 Day 11 - Toy Camera

For the Index Card a Day prompt for Day 11 - Toy Camera, I started with one of my extra backgrounds created from mopping up spray mists on Day 5 "Galaxy".


I started with one of my coveted and never been used stencils by The Crafter's Workshop. The Rhonda Palazzari 6x6 Stencil: TCW392s Captured is perfect for this prompt. Using my Faber-Castell big white PITT pen, I traced and filled in the main body of the camera.


I went over this a couple of times to build up the opacity on top of the misted background. When dry, I switched to the outline of the camera and filled with black PITT pen. I also added some cross-hatching for extra detail. The mini star clusters are also in the stencil. I tried to fill with the white PITT pen, but it sort of bled under and lost all detail, so I went over with a blue PITT pen {that did the same thing because of the large nib}, then used the thin black PITT pen to trace the stars proper. I really like the pop art feel the out of register colors give so I repeated it while applying the stamps I used to fill in the background. 

Some hand lettering in the style of the fonts from the stamps and this card is complete. Stamps are from Cloud Nine Design 66042 Travel Set and Heidi Swapp Arrow Stamp/Die Set HS01136. This one is so fun and I'm enjoying trying out some of my "never been used" supplies.  :) Sb

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Now I Know my ABC's - #ICAD2014 Day 9 ALPHABET

For the Index Card a Day 2014 day nine prompt "alphabet", I started out by stamping with a virgin {never been inked} stamp in my stash. This is a distressed newsprint/clippings #60-0067 background by Inkadinkado. I stamped it a number of times using jet black StazOn ink - just in case I decide to add color after.

There are bits of doodles and distressed edges, swirls and visible
alpabet letters... a nice start for today's prompt theme.

Then I got out my nicely organized and ever growing stash o'washi tape. I was bad over the weekend and acquired 6 new rolls and when putting them away, I came across two others that were hiding in my tool tote. The words "GET" and "FUN" are clipped out of the newspaper from my puzzle hunt the other day.

The "Just Flying By" is clipped from the stamp storage box that I'm storing my ICAD cards in. I got a bunch of these empty Stampin' Up storage boxes at a crafty yard sale. They are great to hold crafty supplies to be taken on the go.

I had fun mixing, matching and clipping out words to spell out
fun phrases – "Get Out a Happy Smile" and "Love fun Time!" :) Sb

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Here Comes the Sun for #ICAD2014 Day No. 10...

For the day 10 prompt - "THE BEATLES", I wasn't sure where I was going to go with this. I didn't grow up in this generation, but the Beatles have influenced so many generations and music genres that I do know countless songs off the top of my head. I have about a half-dozen extra card bases started with colors in an effort of not wasting my precious spray mists and I knew the leftover from my day 7 card would be great! 

Though to be perfectly honest, it did cross my mind to do a spoof card with a bunch of creepy-crawlies... "The BEETLES" - LOL!


Today's background was a result of cleaning up my mask with leftover spray mists from my "YELLOW" card. This was the perfect start for the Day 10 prompt,"The Beatles."

A nice sunrise background in yellow to go along with the Beatles tune "Here Comes the Sun". Using a pencil I sketched in the exaggerated words at the top along with a little bird toting a banner with the word "the". This was my little touch of whimsy. 

Using a yellow-orange Faber-Castell PITT Brush pen, I filled in the letters right over the pencil {next time I will erase them a bit so they aren't so dark} and added sparkly accents with my Sakura of America Gelly Roll® Stardust® Hologram pen. In the bottom I filled in the sun with some decorative doodling and added "...and it's alright" with black PITT pen. The bird and banner got a touch of black pen as well to give them a little "POP".

I think this card is just the sunshine I need to brighten
another stormy day ahead here in the tropics. :) Sb

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In a PUZZLING Predicament for #ICAD2014 Day 4

My completed card for ICAD 2014 Day No. 4 - PUZZLE

I clipped and collaged puzzles from the newspaper to create this card. It was more of a hunt to actually find the puzzles and games in the paper - they are so tiny. I tacked them down with washi tape and played along with some. Word search is my favorite, this one on my card is quite challenging as they have words to find both in English and Spanish.

What is your favorite type of puzzle?

I created this puzzle using words based on the prompt
using Puzzlemaker at

I made a list of all sorts of puzzles and similar games and plugged them in to create the custom word search. You can create one too using Puzzlemaker.

Feel free to print out the word search and have fun playing! :) Sb

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You can play along too - visit ICAD for all the details!

Happy WORDS of Wisdom for #ICAD2014 Day 7 - Yellow

For today's prompt I wanted to try a little experiment with stamping with rubber hose gaskets I found at the hardware store {a real ACE hardware next door to the butcher - yep a real old-timey butcher}. I placed them onto my acrylic block in a pattern then applied glue stick instead of ink to make a resist with the glue stick.


I've darkened the image here so you can see the glue stick stamped impression of the gasket pattern. I reapplied and stamped 4 or five times to fill the entire card background. The glue stick gives a real distressed and painted feel creating imperfect stamped circles.


I applied Mustard Seed Ranger Distress Stain on my craft sheet, misted with a bit of water, then swiped my index card into the color. I swiped repeatedly to mop up all of the color. I let set for a few minutes and misted a bit of water on the card, then blotted glue off with a paper towel revealing the contrasting white of the card. A fabulous result! I could have left the card finished just like this - but I wanted to add a quote.


I wanted to add some shimmery rays so I sprayed some golden yellow mist through this mask. The result is subtle and is not really showing in the scan, but the cleanup from the leftover spray on the mask resulted in a great start for another card... you just gotta love it when cleaning up creates arty stuff!

I added this quote and some doodling using a contrasting Moonstone Yellow Bic Mark•It® marker and added a little shimmer with my Sakura of America Gelly Roll® Stardust® Hologram pen. This little bit of Cre8time I'm stealing away each day for this challenge is fun and totally following my wisdom on this card! :) Sb

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Wheel of the Pen goes Round and Round for #ICAD2014 Day 8 - MANDALA

Over the weekend I got to enjoy a much needed UN-PLUGGED weekend from my various DT blogging duties. I spent some time sleeping in, cooking and keeping up with the Index Card a Day 2014 challenge prompts. I'm so thrilled that I've been able to squeeze them in and keep up so far. I had to complete days four and six over the weekend because they required more time to make them just they way I wanted. The day 8 prompt - MANDALA, proved to be a bit of a challenge.

I had every intention of making a symmetrical design – but my mind and hand obviously had other plans. While catching up on the DVR recordings, I started off with a simple flower shape in the center and worked outward. Nothing planned or sketched out... I just went for it using a Sakura of America Pigma® Micron® Black pen and continued for about two hours until the card was filled with the resulting asymmetrical design. This had me plum tuckered out and I slept the rest of the night like a baby.

On Sunday AM after breakfast I started in on adding color with Sakura of America Gelly Roll® Stardust® pens, and Gelly Roll® Stardust® Hologram pen {my absolute favorite} for some silvery shimmer details in the white space.

The radial shape is full of motion and colored shapes resembling gems. I'm very happy how this turned out, it's sketchy look - even the imperfections. My hand is thoroughly stretched and ready for some more drawing adventures!   :) Sb

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ALTER EGO Tops my Nails Pretty... #ICAD2014
Day 6 - Nail Polish

The ICAD prompt for day 6 is "NAIL POLISH" - well there is only one way to tackle this challenge. Go grab the nail caddy and go to town painting with my stash-o-nail-polish. These are all my bottles - a nice assortment of neutrals, reds and of course... PURPLE!

I traced around the shape of one bottle that was completely dried up with red, white and blue glitter and stars in it using an eyeliner pencil that was in the bin. To preserve the drawing from smudging, I covered the pencil with a sheer nail polish.

Then I continued building up layers of color to build up dimension and depth.


With the bottle complete, I fill in the card with solid geometric shapes - no rhyme or reason. One block for each color that remained after painting the bottle.

I added some graphic "POP" by drawing in white lines using my big white Faber-Castell PITT marker. I was really surprised that it wrote on top of all this nail polish {did take a couple layers to make it opaque though}. I also used a black brush PITT pen to outline the bottle. I really love the graphic feel of this. On the back of the index card I wrote the names of all of the colors on the bottles – the names are pretty fun also. My favorite title of a red color is "I'm NOT Really a Waitress"... this totally cracks me up! :) Sb

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

LOST in SPACE for #ICAD2014 Day 5 - Galaxy

Hello again! I'm playing with my somewhat small mis-matched collection of spray mists for the day 5 prompt of ICAD2014 – GALAXY. The photo above is how I clean my sprayers after use. I prop them all upside-down in a small container with warm water to keep them from clogging. I have to say my favorite colors are the handful of Ditto misters I picked up on clearance one day at the craft store.

I brought out my makeshift spray cloth {a recycled dry cleaning bag} to cover my white counter tops so that I may commence spraying. I misted the front and back of my index card with water first to minimize warping as I add colors.


I added a couple sprays of purple, royal blue, teal, pink and denim blue mists to create outer space... super fast and EASY. I did not mop up the colors off the plastic.

Then using Picket Fence Ranger Distress Stain with an old stiff paintbrush I flicked layers of white "STARS" onto my galaxy scene. This required a couple of passes as the whole background was drying – as the white would soak in to the other colors. This was OK because it added to the depth and realistic look.

Here's my finished background before any embellishing.


Now what to do with all this PRECIOUS misted goodness!!?

Pick up the paint on all these papers. Nothing goest to waste here! I started with four {4} more index cards and still had quite a lot of ink left. So I went and got some larger sections of paper {that are approx. 8" x 12"}. This did the trick and I have these new background papers ready to go. 

I have the perfect stamp to embellish this card to make it complete... this terrier in space from Viva Las VegaStamps! stamped with Black StazOn ink on gloss cardstock rubbed with Brushed Pewter Ranger Distress Stains. I fussy cut the space dog out and then hand-doodled in the type and a cord to keep my pooch from floating away. This one is so fun! :) Sb

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You can play along too - visit ICAD for all the details!
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